For Data analysts and BI Developers

Do you possess basic knowledge of Python and SQL?

Elevate your skills to become a Data Engineer, unlocking exciting opportunities and competitive salaries.

For STEM graduates

Are you passionate about learning technology intersecting with data? Do you excel at logical thinking and problem-solving?

My data engineering bootcamp offers an amazing career path that aligns perfectly with your interests. It provides ample opportunities for growth and allows you to fulfill your passion for overcoming challenges.

What you will learn?

In this online coaching hub, you'll find a wealth of resources, on Azure data solutions or engineering which is used by over 30 percent of enterprise organizations and Databricks which is one of the most popular data processing platform in any modern Data Stack

Azure fundamentals

Learn Azure cloud fundamentals

Azure Admin

Azure Networking

Provisioning resources

Databricks Engineering

Learn the essential futures of Databricks

Databricks Delta lake house

Databricks Workflows

Unity Catalog and more

Azure Data Factory

Learn how to create ELT pipelines in Azure Cloud with Data Factory

Learn how to build parameterized workflows

Ingest data from over 100 data sources

I am Nnaemezue Obi-Eyisi, a seasoned data engineer with nearly a decade of experience

I currently serve as a Senior Azure Databricks Data Engineer for the top IT consulting firm Capgemini . My role involves teaching and mentoring students or data analytics enthusiasts to transition into data engineering. Additionally, I provide mentorship and create valuable free content to help beginners and junior engineers enhance their skills through medium blog posts, linkedin post and youtube. I am currently leading the Databricks enablement center of excellence at Capgemini, a consulting company.

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Weekly Topics



Python and SQL Programming knowledge

Week 1

SQL Review 

We will refresh on SQL core concepts using in data engineering like Window functions, CTE, SQL Merge statement, Joins, and solve some complex coding challenges

Week 2

Python Review 

We will refresh on python data structures. Solve some problems involving string manipulation and recursion

Week 3

Azure cloud fundamentals

We will learn basics of cloud computing, Azure administration basics, access control and network security.

Week 4

ETL - Azure Data Factory

We will cover basics of Azure data Factory, setting up linked services, data sets, designing full and incremental load using Copy activity 

Week 5

Azure Data Factory continued

We will discuss designing metadata driven pipeline, ETL logging, monitoring and error handling. We will discuss version control and ETL optimization

Week 6

Spark fundamentals 

We will learn big data fundamentals and distributed architecture basics. Big data file formats and delta lake. Will cover spark architectures,

Week 7

Databricks basics

We will cover some of the most important features of Databricks like Delta Lake house architecture, databricks workflows, unity catalog, and SQL warehouse, Magic commands, databricks architecture. connecting databricks to your data lake

Week 8

Spark programming on Databricks

We will cover Pyspark and SparkSQL fundamentals, Reading and writing files, Querying, filtering, data manipulation. 

Week 9

Spark optimization on Databricks

Spark optimization, understanding SparkUI. Debugging slow running job. Databricks delta table tuning best practice

Week 10

Data Warehousing and Data modeling crash course:

We will discuss OLTP vs OLAP, star schema, snowflake schema, One big table, normalization, denormalization, 1-3rd normal form, batch vs streaming, primary key, foreign key

Week 11

Capstone Project: Final week will be mentoring students as they work on the capstone project. The project will be an end to end data engineering project. The goal is to build a metadata driven data pipeline using Azure Data Factory and Databricks to process various files performing full and incremental load into the gold zone in the data lake house

Week 12

Capstone project review, Resume building, Interview prep tips.